Hinduism and the Latter-Day Saints

Hinduism is a very complex religion. There are so many avenues that a Hindu individual may focus on during their life’s journey. Yet, regardless of the path chosen, the choices are simple. Making good, moral choices will take the individual closer to fulfilling their life’s purpose and poor choices will give them the opportunity to come around again and find a better path. When we started our research into Hinduism, I had no idea what to expect. In the limited exposure I have had so far, I find it very interesting. As a nurse, having very limited exposure to Hindu individuals, I would approach them with a great deal of curiosity, seeking to understand them further.

We did some research this week on the Latter-Day Saint religion and culture. Sometimes we assume that the cultural norm in our lives is understood by everyone. I found it interesting what information was new to some individuals regarding the Latter-Day Saints. It was a reminder to never make assumptions regarding anything. Even though the Latter-Day Saints are the predominant religion in my area they are not entirely understood by everyone.