Quality Improvement Strategies


QSEN- The song of my people

Quality improvement to me has always been one of those topics where we talk about making improvements but don’t actually discuss what it is we are going to improve. Or possibly that our focus is an improvement in an area that isn’t directly related to better health or an accurate measurement of health.

Quality improvement is essential in any competitive industry. Healthcare is no exception. Learning statistics like we perform 2,200 heart surgeries a year shows our advancement in medical technology. Following that statistic with the knowledge that that same number of surgeries are performed incorrectly or on the wrong patient demonstrates the need for constant quality improvement.

This unit actually pointed me in the direction of resources that are available for me to be a better healthcare worker. I found the information at QSEN to be  helpful in providing me with additional resources for that improvement.

During this unit we had several team based discussions. These discussions are always beneficial in analyzing our thinking and the thoughts of our colleagues. This allows us to gauge our own level of knowledge and make adjustments where needed.

I personally don’t believe true healing revolves around patient satisfaction. I believe true healing revolves around making tough and necessary changes to incorporate a better lifestyle for ourselves and our family. As a medical surgical nurse true healing comes as a result of a patient centered approach to a medical plan of care. Providing a safe and comfortable environment is essential in helping patients heal from medical procedures, however, patients need the truth about what is necessary for adequate healing and not just to be told what makes them happy.

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