Quality in Nursing Care

The topic for this week was Quality in Nursing Practice. We looked at different elements of quality that were important to us and elements that we felt would be important to our patients. As we approached this week I wasn’t sure what I would learn from the material but kept an open mind as I evaluated what others thought were important and what the material presented as important.

One thought that stuck out to me is that quality can be something different for each individual. Not so much that quality itself is different but the means by which each individual measures and evaluates it. That stuck in my mind that its important to understand the perspective of the individual you’re interacting with. Quality from a patient standpoint is going to be evaluated differently than quality from a corporations standpoint.

Understanding each patient I interact with and how they feel about quality care is the lesson I have taken from this weeks material. Being able to assess this in each patient and then provide quality care to their level of expectation is the challenge moving forward.

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