Critical Thinking

This week we were asked to consider the following questions,

  • What do you consider elements of quality care when receiving healthcare services?

One of the first elements of quality care when receiving services is problem solving. As a patient there are problems, pain control, infection control, are just two of many possible problems. What is being done about the pain? Is the pain management effective? Are my needs as a patient being met by the healthcare team?

Communication is another important element when receiving services. Does the healthcare team explain what is being done and why it is being done? Am I comfortable with what is going on before it gets done? It is important to me to receive the proper communication prior to administration of services.

  • What do you consider elements of quality care as a professional nurse?

As a nurse I believe in the same elements to providing quality care. Problem solving is one of the primary ways we are patient advocates. Do we have the tools and resources available to us to solve the patients problem? If not, what do we need to obtain to adequately solve that problem so that healing can occur?

Communication is an effective treatment to many patient anxieties. Communication can be a form of distraction regarding pain relief. It can be a treatment when patients are struggling to cope. Communication can be source of knowledge if that is lacking. Proper communication to the patient is crucial to a trusting, and healthy healing environment.

  • Are the two similar or different?

They are one and the same. When the needs of the patient are met by the competent care of a nurse a great deal of healing can take place.


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