Quality and Safety in Nursing Practice

My name is Charlee Smartt. I am enrolled at Utah Valley University pursuing my Bachelors degree in Nursing. I am currently a Registered Nurse working on a Medical Surgical floor. I began this blog a year ago while I was studying Cultural Diversity in Nursing. Since that time the influence of some of the worlds cultures have been introduced into my life. My wife and I have four children. Our oldest son has been in Peru for the last year. He loves the culture and the Peruvian people. Our second son leaves for Berlin Germany in a couple of months. He will be exposed to a wide variety of cultures while in Germany as they have taken in a large number of refugees from around the world.

I am changing the focus of my posts for the next several months as I focus on a deeper understanding of Quality and Safety in Nursing. I hope to be able to broaden my perspective, refine my actions, and better understand deeper issues surrounding Quality and Safety in Nursing.

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